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My mother and I have already tried and used all the options. And I really liked it. It is comfortable, breathable, adheres strongly.

My mother liked more soft (ProBiotic, Camomile, Aloe Vera) Slippery suits me better (ultra wings top dry).

Also like Green Tea and Antiseptic. Well-breathable materials, the skin does not sweat, hold well during menstruation. I have tried it before and now I only use these Ultra Wings sanitary napkins.

Recommendation: A longer option may be possible. After two births, blood flow for the first two days is very strong and intense, one short piece. Can’t be kept clean, need 2 pcs. used at the same time.
Thank you.

Regards, Lena

I was looking for a long time for an intimate detergent that would suit me. Everyone irritated the skin so much that it was always uncomfortable to be after washing.

I tried then Carin intimate wash gel and I can say that I finally found something for intimate washing, the use of which does not cause skin irritation and discomfort. The gel is soft and odorless, suitable for anyone with very sensitive skin. In addition, the intimate wash gel contains lactic acid bacteria.

I have been intimate wash gel using it for a long time and I know that I will continue to use it.

The best,

During my period, I suffer from itching and discomfort. Any napkins made me feel comfortable, but in the end I found Carini Ultra Wings antiseptic sanitary pads. With regular use, itching is relieved because they reduce the growth of harmful bacteria that usually occurs during menstruation. In addition, the pads are very comfortable and soft, do not irritate the skin. During use, there are no unpleasant odors usually associated with menstruation. I am very pleased with the pads and can say with 100% certainty that I will continue to use them.

Bless you,

By now, I’ve been able to use my winnings for a few months, and I’m really speechless. Wonderful napkins, modest in appearance but fantastic in its absorbency. Since the birth of my little boy, I have struggled with a huge flow and every month these few days have been a horror for me. I could not sit at work for a few days a month. 😞 But now, when trying out my prize, things are different day and night. I instantly became your customer and warmly recommend to everyone Carin Ultra Wings Probiotic a product that took my anxiety away. I work in the Coop trade network and I asked that this product be introduced to us as well. So I hope to be able to buy your products from us in the future.
Big, big thanks again for such a cool prize that changed my life!

Customers praise

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