Carin Ultra Wings Deo


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24 packs in box.
Produced in the EU.

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Sanitary pads Carin Ultra Wings Deo

Sanitary pads with a delicate and discreet floral scent guarantee perfect dryness and neutralize unpleasant odors. With its impeccable design, the sanitary pad perfectly follows the shape of the female body and therefore goes unnoticed. Thanks to its superior absorbency, the Carin Ultra Wings Deo sanitary pad provides reliable protection during your period.
The Carin Ultra Wings Deo sanitary pad is free of chlorine and dyes for the best protection against allergic reactions. The surface in contact with the skin is covered with a particularly soft cotton layer, which provides efficient and quick moisture removal, thus providing a dry and comfortable feeling. The layer of high quality and natural cotton reduces the risk of skin irritation with regular and daily use.

The floral scent is applied to the back of the pillow with a special solution, avoiding skin contact and possible allergic reactions. A delicate and discreet floral scent is activated by the warmth of the body.

The highly absorbent fibers inside the Carin Ultra Wings Deo sanitary pad transfer moisture evenly and quickly to the pad, which contains a very effective absorbent component. This ensures maximum dryness during use. Adhesive fasteners on the fenders of the pad and on the back provide a strong hold.
The Carin Ultra Wings Deo sanitary pad not only protects your skin, but also leaves you feeling dry, comfortable and smelling good.

Benefits of the Carin Ultra Wings Deo sanitary pad:

  • antiallergenic and 100% chlorine free
  • with a soft cotton layer
  • quickly absorb
  • block bad odor

Try the Carin Ultra Wings Deo sanitary pad for natural cleanliness, comfort and safety on special days!

Additional information

Weight 1890 g
Dimensions 38.6 × 20.1 × 19.9 cm
Product information

Sanitary pad length – 235 mm + -5%
Sanitary pad width – 95x155x95 mm + -5%
Absorption capacity – 5 drops
Expiration date – 3 years from the date of manufacture
Store in a dry place

Pack information

The width of the pack – 9 cm
Depth of the pack – 6 cm
The height of the pack – 9 cm
Netto pack weight – 70 g
Brutto pack weight – 72 g
Pieces per pack – 10

Bar code of pack: 8594004300874

Box Information

Box dimensions (LxWxH) – 386x201x199 mm
Net weight of the box – 1.73 kg
Brutto box weight – 1.89 kg
Qty per box – 24 pcs
Box volume – 0.01544 m3
Box barcode: 18594004300871

Pallet information

Number of boxes on the 1st level – 12
Number of levels on a pallet – 10
Number of boxes on a pallet – 120 pcs
Number of packs on a pallet – 2880
Pallet dimensions – 120×80 cm
Height of a full pallet including pallet (15 cm) – 205 cm
Pallet weight – 246,56 kg